UQAT Family

The big and warm family of UQAT! Come on, 1, 2, 3, smile!

A long walk in Amos, not that cold but a lot of snow! Photo featured with our dear Pr. Miguel Montoro Girona (in Yellow!) and Pr. Guillaume Grosbois (in Red!) 05/01/2022
Some photos of my first New Years ‘eve with UQAT family! It is pretty rare, but you can see at the first plan two Jonathan! Thanks to you all, the other Jonathan, Martin, Marceau, Delphine, Baudelaire, Rosaire, Gideon, Alexander and Alex for this lovely moment.
Souvenir of my first hiking with snowshoes near St-Mathieu Esker! Say hi to, respectively from right to left, Anoj, Martin, Me, Lei, Hengyi, Sabrina and Samuel!