Right-side view of the Cegep Campus of Amos. GREMA situated on the 5th and 6th floor.
Back-View of Cegep Campus of Amos, featured with one of UQAT’s imposing white pickup.

It is in this building that the laboratory where I work is located. You couldn’t ask for a better view or a better location! My office (and that of the other UQAT students and professors) are located on the 5th floor. Laboratories and other things are on the 6th floor. Here is just after my office, where I think, write, question myself, but also where I drink coffee, I eat from time to time, I listen to music… in short, it is my second home after all!

And frankly, I have no complaints, we are very well equipped, with beautiful premises, brand new living facilities, large space and a magnificent view.