Fungi, Lichens and Mycetozoa from Aveyron (France)

As a native of the French department of Aveyron, I have always made a point of promoting the biodiversity of my beloved department. In particular, Aveyron is one of the departments of France whose fungal diversity is the least studied. We can speak of an under-studied department. There is the Mycological and Botanical Association of Aveyron (AMBA) which has always worked to study and promote the mushrooms of Aveyron. The number of real competent and specialized mycologists can be counted on the fingers of one hand in the field of mycology. And even less with regard to the fields of lichenology and myxomycetology! In order to contribute to scientifically enhancing the fungi, lichens and mycetozoa of Aveyron, this project was launched in collaboration with AMBA and other collaborators (mycologists, lichenologists, myxomycetologist) who have carried out work or surveys in the department. As I attach great importance to the traditional methods of documentation of biodiversity, the primary objective is the publication of the first departmental checklists concerning these groups of organisms. 

A first list of Aveyron slime molds (=Myxomycetes = Mycetozoa) has already been published, the result of a long inventory work in the field by the AMBA. A new contribution is currently in preparation. Checklists from Aveyron Fungi and Lichens are also currently being treated.

Cazabonne J., Ferrières M. & Menos J.L. (2021). A First Contribution to the knowledge of Mycetozoa from Aveyron (France). Carnets Natures, 8 : 67 – 81.