23° Colloque de la Chair CAFD 2021: J-1

In exactly less than a day, the 23rd conference of the “Chair UQAT-UQAM en aménagement forestier durable” (sustainable forest management) will be held. A large panel of participants are invited to present their projects and advances in the field of Quebec forestry: https://chaireafd.uqat.ca/evenements/colloque-chaire-2021/index.php  This conference is the opportunity for me and my masters thesis directorsContinue reading “23° Colloque de la Chair CAFD 2021: J-1”

The power of the countryside

A cliché unfortunately persists in the minds of many people. This cliché is to say that people born in the countryside are less likely to go on to higher education or to “succeed” in life. These people have the image of the peasant without access to the internet, who lives off his cows and hisContinue reading “The power of the countryside”

Annual exhibition of the Mycological Association of Toulouse (AMT)

As every year, the mycological association of Toulouse (AMT) organizes within the Faculty of Pharmacy (https://pharmacie.univ-tlse3.fr/) a mycological exhibition during a whole weekend (6th and 7th November 2021). I was delighted to see so many people present and interested in mushrooms. Whether students, adults or retirees, mycology fanatic or total neophyte, mushrooms have captured theContinue reading “Annual exhibition of the Mycological Association of Toulouse (AMT)”