Art N’ Fungi

Science, including Mycology, and Art have often been opposed as two incompatible elements. Now, this is a mistake. Since the days of the first naturalists and mycologists, one of the best ways to remember the characteristics of your collection was, besides careful note-taking, to draw! (or now draw and take a picture). This intimate relationship between art and the natural sciences has given rise to many vocations and new professions, as a naturalist illustrator. It is now normal and even recommended during naturalist expeditions to be accompanied by professional illustrators. Art is also a great way to share and popularize science! Naturalist photo competitions have become more democratic, as have popularization projects and the use of art to communicate science. All of this is especially true for Mycology. Art should, in my opinion, be seen as an advantage and indispensable to mycology today. I would even say that mycology is an artistic universe in its own right. Art is also a bridge between these different artistic universes. Art allows us to obtain, thanks to our imagination, unexpected crossovers between different universes. It is for all these reasons that this page was created, in order to share with you all my artistic findings involving the field of mycology! All works will obviously be credited.

Luke SkyFungi

When Mycology meets Star Wars artistic universe. Super drawing done by Cristina Mendoza.

Credits Cristina Mendoza