23° Colloque de la Chair CAFD 2021: J-1

Presentation poster of the 23° CAFD Conference

In exactly less than a day, the 23rd conference of the “Chair UQAT-UQAM en aménagement forestier durable” (sustainable forest management) will be held. A large panel of participants are invited to present their projects and advances in the field of Quebec forestry: https://chaireafd.uqat.ca/evenements/colloque-chaire-2021/index.php 

This conference is the opportunity for me and my masters thesis directors to present for the first time the subject on which we are going to work at the beginning of January 2022. This presentation will be in the form of a scientific poster, briefly presenting the methods that we are going to use, the research issues, as well as our contribution. All in a preliminary way! Indeed, everything will not be revealed during this presentation, we must let the suspense hover, isn’t it? As my director Miguel would say: “Presenting a new scientific project, via posters, presentations, press releases, etc., is like a good striptease: do not reveal everything at once!”. We can even say it’s like a good movie, or whatsoever! 

The presentation will be in French, but a version for English speakers will be posted on my ResearchGate page. The conference will be in a hybrid format (half-face-to-face, half-Zoom). My visit will be isolated and posted on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/xD3MoNiaC/featured 

Some informations about my project and the title of my presentation are already available online, just like a little teaser !: 



Be many to come and discover all the great projects of our Quebec friends, as well as to support mycology research!

May the Fungi be with you all.

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